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Do you want to utilize lean principles throughout your organization?

Lean Certification Online developed a cutting edge lean training and implementation system that allowed a small team of employees to conduct their first process improvement event. lean principlesIn just three days they discovered ways to eliminate a backlog in the system and saved a total of $3.2 million!

Would you like to implement a system to achieve the same results in your business?

Implement Lean Management

To produce optimized results like this is much easier than you might think! However, it involves a paradigm shift in the way each department utilizes their resources on a daily basis to focus on the reduction of waste throughout the entire plant.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that applying these lean tools and techniques is a one-time fix for all your process problems, it is not! There is no such thing as a one-time fix in an organization proactively engaged in . Processes need to be improved on an ongoing basis, it never stops, because if it does the organization is stagnating, and falling behind their competitors!

Within two years of implementing lean principles, over 90% of companies will fail to sustain their continuous improvement program!

Success is possible but it’s necessary to provide the right support, the right information, and to create the right environment that will educate and empower your employees. If you can achieve all these changes, then your employees will become your most valuable and cost effective problem solvers.

To achieve this, an employee needs the right knowledge and skills, and the empowerment to create positive change within their own work area, and other locations throughout the company!

Why am I so sure that employees in any business are more than capable of quickly identifying and eliminating waste to reduce costs, and increase profits for their company?

continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement Team

Your employees are aware of the problems within your business practices, they experience them every day. All an employee needs are the correct skills, and the empowerment to create positive change within their own work area, and to do the same in other locations throughout the company. They need to be allowed to participate in the process of defining their own roles and responsibilities to produce the best products, at the best price, on-time, every time!.

Business owners and management team members need to learn how to delegate manufacturing or production responsibilities and take the opportunity to collaborate with their employees, so more time is spent trying to improve their department quality, cost and delivery performance metrics.

Today, it is much easier to deliver the right knowledge to your company employees by using Lean Certification Online self-paced courses. No need to stop any processes, or re-schedule any appointments because of employees having to leave their workplace to attend a class.

lean management

Lean Management

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Lean Principles Training and Certification

Most people don’t realize the value of training and certification, and how it can help to get hired or to advance their career prospects. Take a moment to look at our jobs page to see the number of businesses and the increased demand for people that are able to understand the methods and tools used in the application of the Toyota Production System (TPS). You can do a quick check to see how many organizations have jobs in your area, or you can check across all 50 states. You will be amazed at the number of jobs available in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Service Industries, etc.

Lean Manufacturing Coach

After almost 30 years of hands-on experience in the continuous improvement field coaching clients in different business sectors, I decided to share some of what I learned during this time. To help with this project, I began to design and develop the “10 Steps to become a Lean Enterprise” training and implementation model. I did this because I wanted to try to eliminate some of the confusion that every company goes through when they are starting to think about the implementation of continuous improvement program.

My 10 Step model demonstrates how any company can improve their business practices by establishing their own lean production. If an organization follows my 10 Step model, I guarantee they will see fast results, and the financial savings will follow soon after.

What Is Continuous Improvement?

I designed and developed a series of modular online classes for three key business sectors:

It’s not unusual to find that I have received a request to give my opinion about the best quality materials available for employees to learn how to implement the Toyota Production System. I usually answer the question this way, which is “What is your goal?” It sounds like I am trying to avoid giving a direct response but the fact is, it really does depend on the desired outcome. It is very important to expand the process by going into a deeper level of inquiry such as:

  1. What results are you trying to achieve?
  2. Which departments are going to be involved?
  3. What level of lean education does each employee need?
  4. What is your time frame for establishing the changes?
  5. Do you have a budget to support your goals?
  6. Do you require onsite training support, or do you prefer online classes?

There are many more questions but these will give you an example of how I approach the process when working with a client company.

So, at this point you’re probably thinking through your choices and asking yourself a key question:


What Do I Need Today, To Successfully Implement Lean Principles Tomorrow?

The most frequent question that we receive from visitors to the Lean Certification Online website is:

Which level of lean knowledge do I need to become proficient at implementing lean principles?

Please click here to see more information that will help you to find the answer to this question!

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